Monday, August 29, 2005

The Dereliks - A Turn on the Wheel Is Worth More Than a Record Deal

The Dereliks
"I Am a Record" from A Turn on the Wheel Is Worth More Than a Record Deal (1995, Low Self Discipline)
"The Phrase That Pays" from A Turn on the Wheel Is Worth More Than a Record Deal (1995, Low Self Discipline)

The Dereliks, comprised of MC Iz and DJ/producer Hen Boogie, hit the scene back in 1994 touring and releasing compilation singles for Bomb Hip-Hop. Hailing from San Jose, California, the duo released this EP a decade ago on New York record label Low Self Discipline. It has truly stood the test of time and is now a highly apprized record, even attaining bids of over $100 on internet auctions. This is all accordingly deserved. After Boogie captures the listener with a jazzy intro-lude on "I Am a Record", Iz expresses an ingenious personification of a piece of wax (À la Common's "I Used to Love H.E.R." or Nas' "I Gave You Power"). Another stand-out pick is "The Phrase That Pays", a fresh, somewhat melancholic outlook on the fraudulent nature of the music industry. The EP has a true old school feel to it, which arguably holds comparative to the classic sounds of The Pharcyde in their prime.

The Dereliks have recorded demos spanning as early as 1992 and collectively recorded around 40 tracks. In 2003, they released the first part of their chronicles on Sublevel Epidemic entitled "Change for the Bus Ride Home". It is an album full of unreleased material which also includes an '89 revised mix of "The Mate That Fate Created" and a re-mastered version of "Iz on Some Other...". You can purchase it from Sandbox Automatic.

If you're wondering what Iz and Boogie are up to these days, Iz is now known as Peral and is part of the group Tha High with fellow members J-Smit and Trax A Million. They released and album in 2004 entitled "Crowd Control". I feel obligated to mention, it is ironic that his name is a spin on the word peril, just listen to the tracks on the website. A true travesty indeed. Another dope artist flushed down the jiggy shitter. On the other hand, Hen Boogie hooked up with Female Fun Music/Domination Recordings and released "Nobody Beats the Boog" which is a collection of rare and classic breaks. He's also done a 7" with Kegs One on Sublevel Epidemic. You can check out Hen Boogie's website at

"A Turn on the Wheel..." is a true representation of how such genuine musical taste can become corrupted towards lucrative, lustful matters. It is even further exemplified by Iz AKA Peral's determination to get people bouncing while sippin' on Cristal. Don't let that mislead you though, as this record's a true gem. Mark this as another addition to the wish list. Keep diggin'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dereliks were one of the most underappreciated groups of that era. It's a shame that they had to break up and stop doing music together. They really had something special. I was around as a fan and remember seeing their shows. They put Living Legends and Blackalicious to shame. they were much better than all of those groups who made it! Props to Henboogie for keeping it real. As far as Iz goes, i hope he finds what he's looking for because he was the dopest lyricist and battle emcee that I ever saw.

8/30/2005 7:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of my many treasured records that will not be taken from my arms despite pleas from friends. Placed next to Bored Stiff's 'Explainin' LP for company.


9/15/2005 7:49 AM  
Anonymous MsMerising said...


"While the rest of the flock sleeps"...well, I didn't. I bumped the ISH out of this. Like my fellow head along with Bored Stiff (and Bush Babees from NY & 'ATLiens' down south) these joints made '96 a sweet year...


P.S. Do you have B.U.M.S. 12" "Take A Look Around"? What are they up to these days..?

3/02/2008 11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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