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Florida: Hip Hop's Best Kept Secret? [Part 3 - Seven Star]

Seven Star
"An Error's End" from My Mother and Father Were Astronauts (2004, Counterflow Recordings)
"Gender Affection" from My Mother and Father Were Astronauts (2004, Counterflow Recordings)

Stars, those fascinating entities light years away from Earth, are in fact significant. When a star re-combusts (namely referred to as a nova), the fusion causes the creation of new elements, distributing more essential components needed for humanity to exist. Through a nova, the least noticeable star in the sky may become the brightest.

Similarly, Counterflow Recordings artist Seven Star has been dispersing his lyrics through a single element of Hip Hop, while still not gaining deserved regard. But as his recent release of compiled material prepares us for his major debut, Seven Star steadily continues to bless us with his music.

Diggin' Music: Please tell us about yourself. Who is Seven Star?

Seven Star: Just a regular guy in search for truth, in love waiting for the paradigm shift, but definitely a hip hop junkie all the way.

DM: What is the meaning behind the astronomical influences in your work? (Your name being "Seven Star" and your latest release entitled "My Mother and Father Were Astronauts")

SS: My first name derived from the influences I recieved while goin' to church. 7 is a holy number to some, a divine number if you will, and to me divinity lies in the cosmos, in the all things and since scientists say that we're made up of the same stuff as the stars, I connected them both.

DM: DJ Manuvers has produced the majority of your music. How did you guys get together?

SS: I've known Manuvers or Pancho as his closest friends and family like to call him for maybe 10, 11 years. We met while still in school through some mutual friends. He was just DJ'ing at the time and didn't get in to producing 'till a little after that. We recently formed a crew that we call MILES and will be releasing shit soon on our own label.

DM: How'd you hook up with Counterflow Recordings? How has it been working on this label?

SS: I hooked up with C.F about maybe 5 years ago. C.F.'s 2nd release was Avatar, produced by Seth P. Brundel of Algorithm right after the 1st release by Spirit Agent, "Agent Ethos". Since then we've released 2 more singles. "John Doe Lamarckian" and the "My Mother and Father were Astronauts" sampler followed up by the album. We're now getting ready to release a fourth single entitled "The Philosophy of Letting Go". Working with any label is a challenge. To me, the record industry is filled with devils of all colors trying to suck your creativity dry. We have been through some hardships, but we're still goin' strong. We got Dave Ghetto, Plant Life, Dynas and a whole bunch of surprises for hip hopers world wide. Stay tuned.

DM: Do you have any ulterior goals in terms of making music?

SS: Eventually I would like to write books and maybe even scripts for movies. My ulterior goal would definitely have to be to escape the city and settle down with my girl in a mountain somewhere, nowhere.

DM: You've lived in various areas of the world, describe in greater detail your past situations and how that has molded you.

SS: Born in Manhattan and lived in the Bronx 'till the age of 5. My mom and I move to Santurce, P.R. where I lived 'till 12 or 13. Mom dukes decides that P.R. work isn't paying her very well so we decide to move to Miami. I head out to Arizona to stay with my pops foe a while until mom dukes got her shit straight in Fl and the rest is history. The past situation that molded me the most was this one time when living in P.R. My mothers roommate, I think his name was Ralph, son came to visit for the summer. I wake up one morning to the sounds of music coming from Ralph's room so I get up to investigate and knock on Ralph's door. His son opens the door and greets me with a handshake, he's a few years older than me, but when you're that young a few years older was a big difference. He asks me the way to the beach and proceeds to sing along with the music. I'm not sure what exact song it was but it was definitely RUN DMC. I thought what he was doing was incredible. I bet him that he couldn't keep singing if the volume was down. He laughed and began to lower the volume kickin' the rhymes the whole time. I think that was the moment when I figured it all out 'cuz a couple of weeks later I wrote my 1st rhyme.

DM: Your lyrics carry a sense of conscious thought and self-contemplation. What impels you to write?

SS: My undying love for Hip Hop, God and what it might be, history and most definitely humanity in all it's splendor. I believe that musicians are a species of prophet here to help the world figure shit out.

DM: Do you have any aspirations to work with any producers or MC's out there? What would be some dream collaborations for you?

SS: Pete Rock, Primo, Just Blaze, Bjork, Bobby Mcferrin, KRS, De La, Rakim, Tribe, Monk if he was still here maybe even Billy Joel. There's so many.......

DM: What music are you feeling right now, Hip Hop or otherwise?

SS: I'm feeling the new Climber stuff on Botanica del Jibaro and I can't wait for the Dave Ghetto release to drop 'cuz that shit is goin' to be the nastiest. I'm listening to the new De La and Common, but my heart lies with my Latin American MC's like Mustafa in Argentina, Gravsound in Spain, as well as Soarce Spoken who is one of the nastiest MC's out right now.

DM: What releases can we expect from Seven Star in the near future?

SS: The next single on C.F is "The Philosophy of Letting Go" set to be released in about a month, hopefully. My sophomore album will be released with Botanica del Jibaro entitled "A View of Heaven From a Seat in Hell" set for early 2006, late 2005. I'm also working on a project called The GUILD. The Great Conjuction is here! Oh! and also I'm working with a really dope MC/DJ/producer/engineer named Rise Up from Hawaii. The project that I am most excited about is MILES with Manuvers and I. MILES might just save the world.

DM: Any last comments you would like to make?

SS: Business is a devil's art and prepare for The Great Conjuction! THE GUILD THE GUILD THE GUILD! Just a couple of MILES to go!!!!!!!

To purchase Seven Star's music, hit up Also check out for more dope releases. Until next time...peace.


Anonymous SEVEN STAR said...

Thank you!

8/18/2005 11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the track "dawn of miles" from the release "lunar orbit" is great! i like this man!

big up from japan!

8/18/2005 12:06 PM  
Anonymous JDC said...

The sounds and style are pretty smooth even though they're coming from my big brothers big mouth.....

8/22/2005 10:05 PM  

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