Friday, July 29, 2005

Soloplexus - The Illusive Avenues of 6 Intrinsic Musicians

"Should I Letem In?" from The Illusive Avenues of 6 Intrinsic Musicians (2005, Bad News Records)
"The Magic Instrument" from The Illusive Avenues of 6 Intrinsic Musicians (2005, Bad News Records)

The latest Japan-only release from Boston native Insight: Soloplexus - The Illusive Avenues of 6 Intrinsic Musicians. If you were a fan of "Seventeen MC's" (a track from Insight's stellar 2004 release "The Blast Radius" in which he forms a one man posse cut, speaking in seventeen different voices), this is the album for you. The fictitious group Soloplexus is Insight himself, slimming his roster of alter-egos down to six for the length of a full album. Insight goes to great lengths to add to the illusion, as far as to list himself as a guest artist on a few tracks and have some non-descript bios cooked up (enjoy the broken English, haha). Trust me, he isn't fooling anyone. All six emcees hardly depart from Insight's standard vocal offering, you'll have a hard time telling the seven apart. This is a small shortcoming in the grand scheme of things though. All nitpicking aside, you're left with a very solid album. Soloplexus' emcees rarely take the music's content too seriously, often devoting whole tracks to the simpler conflicts and activities of life (answering a knocking door, confronting a tow truck operator, and enjoying a lazy day to name a few). Many listeners will appreciate the departure from the standard braggadocio-laced Hip Hop fare. Sit back, relax and enjoy the rhymes.

This album is available for online purchase through Bad News Records for 2,400 yen (link). I know importing music can be expensive, so here's some good news for those who can be patient: word is Insight will be releasing the album stateside sometime in 2006.

Not familiar with Insight? Visit his website,


Anonymous Nabs said...

This album is definitely a gem. I hope people look out for it after reading this. Props on the page, I'mma keep an eye on this for a while.

Favorite Tracks:

Should I Letem In
Me Her

7/30/2005 12:24 AM  
Blogger DJ Benny said...

Hey Slade, thanks for posting this review on the boards.

Most definitly a top 3 of '05 release so far and I didn't know that this album was ever going to come to the US, so thanks lots for that info.

9/06/2005 8:07 PM  

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