Thursday, July 09, 2009

Descry - Experiences in Full Duplex

Experiences In Full Duplex: Episodes
(2006, no label)

In 2005, I collaborated with Swamburger from the Sol.illaquists of Sound (if you're not familiar, check them out here: Epitaph Site and Solilla Site). It was my 2nd year into production, and I was extremely excited to work with such an incredible MC.

At the time of the release, music was going through a transition phase. Hip-hop was starting to see a return to form through Common's "BE," and other incredible albums were released that year such as the self titled Clap Your Hand Say Yeah LP, Sufjan Steven's "Illinois," Bloc Party's "Silent Alarm," and the proper revealing of John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk's live performance at Carnegie Hall.

Thinking about it, 2005 was a great year for music.

In any case, check out the tracks which saw a limited release of 200 copies.

Artwork was helmed by David Chun