Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sounds from the Cave

Mr. Chop
"The Caveman (video)" from Sounds from the Cave (2008, Jazz & Milk Recordings)
"Snob" from Sounds from the Cave (2008, Jazz & Milk Recordings)

"In amongst the mediocre and the shit that I regularly receive through both the physical post box and the virtual inbox there is occasionally a gem, a jewel, a nugget of light to brighten my day. They appear once in a blue moon, and are increasingly rare in these days of hyperbole, heresy and the tedious boasts of the press release. This record is one such nugget, in fact It's more like a huge heaving slab of something so precious it has yet to be named. Except it has been named, it's called 'Sounds from the Cave' - well done Mr. Chop for unearthing this for everyone to hear. Record of the year so far!" - DJ Food, 2008

MP3 via Cubik Musik.

Learn more about Mr. Chop and his EP here.


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