Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Descry Interviews One Be Lo

I (Descry) was chillin' w/ the homie One Be Lo, and we got into a discussion about various projects/trading ideas to see how we could smash on you foos for 2010. What resulted at the end of that discussion is this a quick impromptu video interview (conducted with my Blackberry Curve, so excuse the poor quality).

In the video he talks about his anticipated album entitled, B.A.B.Y. (being a black youth), a new Binary Star project (of which I'm helping engineer some of the beats... 'Lo produced some incredible joints), an album with Black Milk (the bonus track on Black Milk's Popular Demand is a track from these sessions), Bean One, a project with Zumbi from Zion-I, various other collaborations, and a brand new show set in the works that I can guarantee will blow your mind.

As was leaked early in September 2009, Pigs is a track that was recorded during the B.A.B.Y. sessions and features Mike Posner on vox. The album itself is amazing and hasn't left my car stereo since 'Lo dropped it off a week ago. It's gonna be released on the MYX Music label and features a host of great underdog MC's and vocalists. Rappers like Freeway (it's the ROC!), Phonte, Jean Grae, Longshot, Supastition, and other dope, DOPE cats rip their features with swift ninja-like skills. Producer Eric G is a relative new comer to the scene, but he contributes ALL of the beats...ALL of them. A few live musicians were contacted as well to really the album some edge, guys like Miles Bonney easily weave through Eric G's production and add great sparkle to beats that already shine...anyhow, enough about that...onto the interview!


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