Monday, August 01, 2005

Florida: Hip Hop's Best Kept Secret? [Part 2 - Swamburger]

Swamburger - "Sun Vibes feat. Zano and Deuce Logic" from The Roots of Kin (2003, Eighth Dimension Records)
Descry / Swamburger - "Help Me Up" from untitled demo (2005, unknown)

Orlando resident Swamburger enjoyed critical acclaim early in his Hip Hop career, having his music featured on MTV (Real World, Road Rules, etc.) and on the soundtracks of Electronic Arts' hit football video games Madden NFL 2002 and 2003. Currently he's a member of the Sol.iLLaquists of Sound, who are fresh off a nationwide tour with Rhode Island political powerhouse Sage Francis. Look out for a new Sol.iLLaquists of Sound full length entitled "Explorations of Sol.itude" in late 2005 on Nonsense Records and a yet to be titled collaboration with up and coming Bay Area producer Descry.

To learn more about Swamburger, visit the Sol.iLLaquists of Sound website (under construction). A special thanks to Descry for supplying an early demo for a future Descry/Swamburger collaboration. Check out his website here (also currently under construction).


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