Monday, September 05, 2005

Tapedeck #1

Introducing a new series for the audioblog: Tapedeck (forgive us, we'll think of a better name eventually). This is a series dedicated to the music we enjoy that doesn't quite fit into or qualify for a full length article on the site. We'll have a bit of everything, from obscure b-sides, golden age classics, to underappreciated gems.

In other news, we've got a good amount of interviews on deck. If all goes as planned, expect us to start rolling them out in the coming weeks. If not, bare with us, we're doing our best to bring you the illness. Also, we're going to begin to delete old mp3's to conserve disk space and bandwidth. You've been warned! We might start limiting the mp3's bitrate to 128kbps so we can keep tracks around for a longer period of time. Not sure on that yet. Anyway, on with the music.

K.M.D. - "Nitty Gritty (Dog Spelled Backwards Mix) feat. Busta Rhymes and Brand Nubian" from Nitty Gritty 12" (1991, Elektra)

Zev Love X, his little brother Subroc and neighborhood friend Onyx The Birthstone Kid team up with Hip Hop mainstays Busta Rhymes and Brand Nubian for this often forgotten remix. Definitely favored when compared with the original in my opinion, Busta rides the beat to perfection.

Da King & I - "Mr. All That" from Contemporary Jeep Music (1993, Rowdy Records)

Plenty of blogs have posted on Da King & I, I thought I'd chime in aswell. Here's my favorite album cut from the group's lone full length, Contemporary Jeep Music. This is early nineties braggadocio at its finest, courtesy of Izzy Ice.

Bushwackass - "Who's Wylin'" from How Real Israel? (1994, Pallas Records)

Any Hip Hop track that mentions Chia Pets gets the nod in my book. This shit is raw like a skinned knee, plain and simple. Need I say more?


Blogger RACKER5150 said...

on your tape deck ....could you post something of a group long forgotten...the group was called ..Rough House survivors..
that had a hit that was called..."backpack"..any info would be appreciated....thoses guys were tight and i think tribe called quest produced the album or pete rock...

9/14/2005 4:52 AM  

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