Thursday, December 01, 2005

Blockhead Gets Live

"Blockhead Live From N.Y." from The Block Is Hot Pt. 2 (2005, Ninja Tune/HipHopSite Recordings)

Sorry for the lack of updates y'all, I've had a busy last few weeks. Here's some Blockhead goodness to get things rolling again...

"Blockhead Live From N.Y." is a widely bootlegged performance (originally recorded on December 3rd, 2004) finally seeing official release as part of the promotional album "The Block Is Hot Pt. 2", which comes free with purchase of Blockhead's latest outing "Downtown Science" at For the most part, the set plays out as a new spin on his first Ninja Tune full length "Music by Cavelight". Tracks from the original album have been revised for the live rendition, and blends of popular tracks from the likes of Phil Collins, Michael Jackson and Rakim are thrown in for good measure. This is how a live set ought to be done.

Not up on Blockhead? Shame on you. For more information on the man, visit his label home at


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