Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Supastition - Chain Letters

"Chain Letters Sampler (Mixed by DJ Statik)" from Soulspazm.com (2005, Soulspazm Records)
"Nickeled Needles" from Chain Letters (2005, Soulspazm Records)

To quote the man on his own album intro, North Carolina native Supastition has "made it through the stormy weather". From being a victim of shady business practice at Freshchest Records, to having unfruitful stints on both Grit Records and Pockets Linted Entertainment, he's had more than his share of struggles. But now, after having his track "The Williams" selected as the winner of Okayplayer's "True Notes Vol. 1" contest (out of five thousand plus entries, no less) and successfully building hype with his "Deadline EP" at his new label home Soulspazm Records, things are looking up for this MC.

Supastition's latest Soulspazm effort "Chain Letters" is the result of his industry hardships, and in my opinion his most consistant release to date. The album is accompanied with a real sense of achievement, a "finally making it" attitude. You could call it borderline cockiness, but with all he's gone through in the last few years, can you really blame him? As he says on the track "100%", "I just write what I feel and speak from experience". Let me tell you, the things he's experienced make for one hell of an album. On top of Supastition's stellar, assertive rhymes "Chain Letters" possesses solid production from the likes of budding super producer Jake One, Nicolay of The Justus League, Madwreck, and one time Wax Reform crewmates Illmind and M-Phazes. The combination of Supa's newly found swagger and a consistant production lineup makes "Chain Letters" worth every cent. Go out and support, "Chain Letters" is in stores now...

To learn more about Supastition, visit his recently relaunched website Supastition.com.


Anonymous guile said...


11/15/2005 2:49 AM  
Blogger Kenny said...

man. coming from holland, i'm so proud of my man Nicolay. the track The Williams is hella dope, and Supastition keeps coming better and better!

12/09/2005 1:39 PM  

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