Thursday, October 13, 2005

What's Up, Fatlip?

"What's Up Fatlip? (MP3)" from What's Up Fatlip? 12" (2000, Delicious Vinyl)
"What's Up Fatlip? (Music Video)" from (2000, Delicious Vinyl)
"What's Up Fatlip? (Documentary)" from (2000, Delicious Vinyl)

"What's Up Fatlip?", the lead single from former Pharcyde member Fatlip's long-delayed solo debut "Thelonliest Punk" (originally to be entitled "Revenge of the Nerd"). This self-reflective cut is produced by Fatlip himself, under the pseudonym Edy Crahp (Pharcyde spelled backwards).

Following the success of the single, a music video was put together under the direction of Spike Jonze. During the filming, Spike also conducted a mini-documentary on the filming of the video, in which he interviews Fatlip on the lyrical content of the track, amongst other things. Many topics are discussed, including Fatlip's musical influences, his thoughts on past drug use, and the embarrassing origin of his verse on the classic Pharcyde jam "Oh Shit". Both the music video and documentary ended up being released on DVD. The music video appeared on Pharcyde's "Cydeways - The Best of The Pharcyde" DVD in 2002 and the documentary appeared on Spike Jonze's "The Work of Director Spike Jonze" DVD in 2003.

So, why am I making this post? It seems Delicious Vinyl is finally releasing the full-length as a CD+DVD set. Come on, for real this time! One-sheets have been sent out to retailers, including the artwork and a track listing. Keep an eye out for "Thelonliest Punk" in early November (of 2005, I hope). Now that's what's up!


Blogger John said...

I really like this album; it's a crime it took so long to come out.
Don't miss "Writer's Block"!

10/15/2005 4:06 PM  
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