Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Real Killer

The Herbaliser
"The Real Killer" from The Real Killer 12" (1995, Ninja Tune)

"Blowin' It" from The Real Killer 12" (1995, Ninja Tune)

The Herbaliser, London-based producers Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba, have been responsible for genre-blurring instrumentals for well over a decade now. The Real Killer 12" is the group's now hard-to-find debut single that started it all. Both the a-side and flip gracefully interlace piano, drums and horns for an overall amazing jazz-inspired experience. With this kind of debut, it's no surprise The Herbaliser continued on to become one of Ninja Tune's cornerstone powerhouses.

For more information on The Herbaliser, check out NinjaTune.net and Herbaliser.com.


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Blogger Danyel said...

The Herbalizer makes me think Grand Verbalizer.

9/21/2005 3:44 PM  

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